Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Portfolio Management

Enrich is the leader in biotech and pharmaceutical portfolio management software, with more than half of the top 10 life sciences companies among our clients. Why? We understand how to value and manage portfolios of high risk, high investment assets, and help your organization improve its portfolio prioritization capabilities so you’re making the right trade-offs for short- and long-term success. When it comes to pharma portfolio management, no software is more trusted than EAP.

Resource Planning

With resources more constrained than ever, our resource planning software enables you to forecast FTE demand from ongoing and future clinical trials, perform a gap analysis to determine which resources will be the bottlenecks, and conduct scenario analysis to understand which projects should be delayed or accelerated to alleviate the bottlenecks and maximize value.

Sales Planning

Our sales planning software is designed for today’s global life sciences firms. EAP’s web interface is perfect for capturing regional forecasts from sales teams around the world, allowing them to be easily aggregated and reconciled with global forecasts. The impact of market events, such as competitor branded or biosimilar launches, can be modeled–with or without incorporating the probability of occurrence–and layered onto the forecasts.

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Medical Devices

Portfolio Management

With a widely disparate range of products, the key to managing a portfolio of medical devices is to ensure that R&D projects are evaluated on an apples-to-apples basis. EAP's flexibility and Enrich's customer-driven approach delivers portfolio management software tailor made for your medical device portfolio prioritization process, allowing you to make project decisions with confidence.

Sales Planning

Most sales forecasting software offers a variety of methods for forecasting product sales. With medical devices, however, the real challenge is capturing the impact of product interactions in the forecasts. How much will the sales of one product suffer if another product doesn't launch? How much will a new product cannibalize sales of the old? EAP's powerful analytic engine make it easy to capture these interactions and understand their impact on the forecasts.

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High Tech

Portfolio Management

Markets for high tech products change quickly, requiring rapid decision-making around R&D initiatives. Whether you have a portfolio of early-stage ideas that are valued using qualitative metrics or a development portfolio using more robust financial forecasts, EAP offers software tools that fit perfectly into your portfolio prioritization process. EAP helps you balance your portfolio across markets, technologies, and stages, while also ensuring you're getting the most out every investment dollar.

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