“In a relatively short time we have gone from the back of the
capability pack in terms of our peers to the front.”

— Senior Director, Portfolio Management, Global Life Sciences Company
“For such relatively fast-moving information and complex data flows it is vital we have one version of the truth accessible to all—which is exactly what we now have for the first time.”
— Senior VP, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
“Your toolbox will let me build all of the reports and dashboards our IT department has been building for us over the past several months. And when I need a new one, I’ll build it myself, no IT help required.”
— Director, Strategy & Portfolio Management, Fortune 50 Company

Our Clients

Leave spreadsheets and slide decks behind.

Powerful real-time reporting and flexible self-service
analysis give you the insights you need on the fly.
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Experience analytics your way.

Our Planview Advisor provides the enterprise computing power; our high-touch, one-on-one approach to software design creates tailored solutions that empower clients to make strategic business decisions—and follow through on them.

Be impatient for results.

Any enterprise software implementation that takes more than six weeks to deliver value is too little, too late. We’ve engineered our process and designed our platform to deliver more value, more quickly, to our clients than ever before.
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Start with a process that moves at the pace of you.

We start with the data you’re already using in your process, not some long wish list of metrics and data fields. Then we use our method of progressive refinement to add new data as the process matures, month by month, year by year. We grow with you to deliver more insight that helps you more quickly prioritize projects and make decisions.

Integrate data seamlessly across the enterprise.

Have data in other systems? Planview Advisor offers a range of data connectors that seamlessly integrate that data, streamlining your resource management process. Connect to existing databases or upload from Excel spreadsheets.
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PPM Software anywhere.

Built for today's pace of business, our software is available when you are—whether you're at your desk or on a mobile device. Whether your need is portfolio management software, sales planning software, or resource planning software, Planview Advisor has you covered when and where you need it.