white_paperDan Smith and I have written a white paper on strategic R&D portfolio management that summarizes many of the lessons and insights we’ve gleaned during twelve years of client engagements. The white paper is organized into eight ‘rules’:

  1. Avoid incomplete strategies
  2. Build an actionable strategy
  3. Don’t buy in to bubble plots
  4. Move beyond prioritization
  5. Present decision-makers with 3-6 compelling portfolios
  6. Use a variety of project selection methods
  7. Ask the right question
  8. Build risk into your forecast

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll no doubt hear echoes of previous posts in some of these rules.  So, what do all these rules have in common? When heeded, they guide project teams and decision makers to the hard-but-essential conversations about key project risks and portfolio trade-offs. Those conversations are sine qua non of successful R&D decision making.

Here is the link to the white paper. Enjoy!

PS: We welcome your comments and suggestions for the next eight rules…