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11 09, 2017

Scenario Analysis is Easy with Enrich Analytics

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In our latest video, we showcase how easy it is to compare projects and portfolios with Enrich Viewport and the Enrich Analytics Platform. The video covers:

  1. When scenario analysis should be used
  2. How to compare projects head-to-head
  3. How to compare portfolios head-to-head
  4. Using a waterfall diagram to summarize differences between two portfolios
  5. Tricks for selecting and deselecting subsets of a portfolio

Even longtime users of Enrich Analytics will benefit from the tips outlined in the video. We look forward to your comments!

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7 09, 2017

Upcoming Conferences: Fall 2017 through early 2018

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Enrich will be attending multiple conferences on the East Coast of the US and in Europe in the coming months. Can you join us at any of the following venues?

12-13 September, 2017 – The Pharma CI Conference and Exhibition, Parsippany, New Jersey. We’ll be attending this conference as a partner of Ozmosi, and demonstrating some of the latest competitive intelligence offerings we’ve developed jointly with Ozmosi. Beau Bush of Ozmosi will also be presenting on trends in the clinical trials landscape worldwide.

6-8 November, 2017 – CHI’s Strategic Resource and Portfolio Management Conference, Philadelphia. We are sponsoring this conference and will be discussing challenges in portfolio management scenario and capacity planning during the lunch talk on Tuesday the 7th. This three-day event is actually two conferences in one, with the resource management topics kicking things off and portfolio management for the second half.

8-9 February, 2018 – EBCG’s Healthcare PPM Toolbox, Jersey City, New Jersey. This EBCG conference is a great opportunity to hear about medical devices and diagnostics portfolios as well as large and small molecule drug development. We’ll be speaking at this conference as a gold sponsor.

7-9 March, 2018 – EBCG’s Pharma PPM Toolbox, Dublin, Ireland. We return to this event year after year for the networking and in-depth treatment of drug development portfolios.

Know a conference audience that would benefit from our experience? Thinking about attending a conference or want advice on where your case study would fit best as a presentation? Drop us a line!

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