Our Story

Enrich was born out of a restless desire to help companies do more—create more game-changing technology, develop more life-saving drugs, find more opportunity. Our emphasis is on building self-sufficient, purpose-built business forecasting software based on tailored analytic solutions.

Planview Advisor provides the enterprise computing power; our high-touch, one-on-one approach builds the custom solutions that empower clients to make strategic business decisions—and follow through on them.

  • We believe that, working as a team, we can help you be better at what you do.
  • We believe that Planview Advisor’s creative analytic tools, tailored to provide the answers you need, can help you solve your thorniest business problems.
  • We believe that we can’t solve every problem, and that being honest about that is better than the alternatives.
  • And we believe there should be chocolate! Plenty of chocolate.