Our Team

Richard Sonnenblick, CEO

Richard Sonnenblick founded Enrich Consulting in 1998. His vision has been realized in the Enrich Analytics Platform (EAP), which he created in 2000. Prior to founding Enrich, he built a decision analysis consulting practice at Lumina Decision Systems. Rich holds a PhD and an MS in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. When Rich isn't running the show at Enrich, he can be found kayaking in Monterey Bay or cruising the singletrack at Wilder Ranch.

Daniel Smith, COO

Daniel Smith oversees the information security and consulting practices at Enrich. Prior to joining Enrich in 2000, he served as a consultant with Applied Decision Analysis and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dan holds a graduate certificate in engineering management from the University of Cambridge, an MBA from Santa Clara University, and a BSE in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He believes a company runs on its collective stomach, and in his spare time plots reasons to bring cake into the office.

Jean-Claude Le Duc, Senior Director

Jean-Claude Le Duc leads implementations of EAP, primarily in the life sciences industry. His recent work includes implementing a sales planning tool for a multinational pharmaceutical company and assisting a large biotech with the redesign of its portfolio tool. His previous experience includes a business internship at United Technologies Corporation and engineering positions at Harris Microwave Communications and Anritsu Company. Jean-Claude holds an MBA from Indiana University and MSEE degrees from Université de Rennes and ESIEE Paris. Jean-Claude's hobbies include anything his life insurance company thinks is a bad idea.

Matt Muyres, Principal Developer

Matt Muyres leads software development for EAP. His primary focus is on constantly improving our clients' experience through new technologies and capabilities. Prior to Enrich, Matt developed web applications, structured databases, and implemented networks both as a consultant and within companies, and for the United States Navy, where he was a decorated naval technician. When he's not coding something awesome, Matt can usually be found flying RC helicopters and fishing (though usually not at the same time).

Albert Fu, Senior Application Developer

Albert Fu leads the development of the testing environment for EAP and also works on enhancements for EAP itself. He recently led a successful overhaul of the EAP testing platform. Prior to joining Enrich, he worked in Unix OS analysis, x86 virtualization, and web/mobile application development. Albert holds a PhD in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Chicago and a BS in physics from the University of Illinois. Albert can generally be found listening to amazingly good jazz, although he does take his headphones off at his daughter's hockey games.

Amisha Boucher, Associate Director

Amisha Boucher manages engagements to implement the EAP in client organizations. She has spearheaded the development of a sales forecasting system for a large pharmaceutical client and led the implementation of portfolio management systems for several pharmaceutical, medical device and energy clients. Prior to joining Enrich, she was a Reservoir Modeling Consultant at Chevron. Amisha holds a graduate certificate in management science and engineering and a PhD in petroleum engineering from Stanford University and a BS in geology from the University of Florida. If Amisha's not out mountain biking, she's engrossed in intense experiments to find the best dark chocolate in the universe.

Ohad Berman, Associate Director

Ohad Berman manages engagements to implement EAP in client organizations. He has led projects to develop a competitive analysis platform for a large biotechnology firm and a capacity planning system for a large pharmaceutical client. Prior to joining Enrich, he served as an analyst in the Israeli Air Force. Ohad holds an MSc in defense technology and systems from the National University of Singapore, an MS in operations research from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a BS in physics and mathematics from the Hebrew University. Ohad is confident that, given a chance, EAP can solve the world's problems, and his unparalleled knowledge of current events means he also knows exactly what those problems are.

Alison Pool, Senior Manager

Alison Pool works with clients to implement EAP systems. She focuses on helping R&D-driven companies realign their innovation portfolios and strategic decision making with their values. For instance, she recently built a comprehensive valuation model for a specialty pharmaceutical company that enabled the company to make comparisons and envision trade-offs across its diverse portfolio of products. Alison earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics with highest honors from University of California, Berkeley. When she isn’t helping strategy teams better understand their portfolio data, you can probably find her traveling somewhere new or eating and cooking interesting food.

Jennifer Scarbrough, Senior Analyst

Jennifer Scarbrough works with clients to implement instances of EAP. Her recent work includes streamlining a portfolio management system for a large pharmaceutical client and implementing an enhanced UI for a global life sciences firm. Her previous experience includes mathematical analysis in support of a sustainability tool for a large public facility. Jennifer holds a BS in mathematics from the California State University, East Bay. If Jennifer's not using her feet to teach three types of dance or study a fourth, she's putting them up while reading a good book.

Julie Vass, Senior Analyst

Julie Vass works with clients to implement instances of EAP. Her recent work includes developing a portfolio management system for a large pharmaceutical client and implementing an enhanced UI for a global life sciences firm. Her previous experience includes statistical data analysis for Santa Clara County. Julie holds a BA in economics from Santa Clara University. As a former English national team player, there may be instances where Julie is not on a field playing soccer or at a stadium watching it, but none that we're aware of!

Sharon Jeong, Analyst

Sharon Jeong works with clients to implement instances of EAP. Her recent work includes building a portfolio management system for a specialty biopharmaceutical company and enhancing portfolio visualizations for a global medical device manufacturer. Her previous experience includes developing the course curriculum and lab activities for a web design course. Sharon holds a BA in biometry and statistics from Cornell University. While she enjoyes hunting for authentic New York pizza and bagels in the Bay Area, Sharon is really looking for days that are too hot for a jacket!