The Leader in R&D Portfolio Management Software

How can we best shape the R&D portfolio to meet our company's goals? For nearly 20 years, Enrich has been helping organizations answer that question, first with the Enrich Analytics Platform (EAP) and now with Viewport:

  • EAP is the premier project portfolio management software tool for making decisions about your R&D portfolio.
  • Viewport is a lightweight, flexible dashboard you can implement immediately to access powerful visualizations—so you can finally see what your R&D project portfolio data is trying to tell you.

Both EAP and Viewport offer a powerful set of flexible tools—with either, you can assess the current state of your portfolio, compare various scenarios, and drill down to project-level details. EAP adds tailored analytics and an enterprise database, to match your organization’s data set and portfolio assessment process, and a consolidated workflow that collects inputs from teams and from your other enterprise tools, stores the data securely in the cloud, and rolls it up to allow assessments at every level, from the business unit to the entire enterprise.

R&D Portfolio Management Products

R&D Portfolio Management Products

Do you need a full-featured, powerful tailored analytics engine that will also aggregate and store your data in the cloud?

Do you need a quick, lightweight, low-cost solution you can implement immediately?