Visualizing data your way

Planview Advisor is uniquely suited to provide the analytical, data management, and visualization capabilities you need for confident, real-time portfolio management. Designed specifically for portfolio management, Planview Advisor has built-in tools ranging from project valuation to portfolio prioritization.
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Integrated Project Valuation

Our portfolio software's flexible analytic engine gives you the freedom to value your projects—the way you want to—right within Planview Advisor. Incorporate cost, schedule, risk, market, and partnership data on your terms. Planview Advisor gives you the freedom to consider multiple scenarios for each project and determine which is the best fit with your portfolio.
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Self-Service Portfolio Visualization

The reports you need, when you need them. No more generating (and regenerating) slide decks to prepare for meetings—our blazing fast reporting engine is presentation ready. Visualize the entire portfolio or drill down into individual projects. Generate landscapes, frontiers, and even waterfalls in seconds to drive the critical conversations that lead to confident decisions.
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Portfolio Selection

Project selection is at the heart of R&D portfolio management. What set of projects is the best fit for your organization? Planview Advisor has simple, powerful tools and visualizations to help you identify where your current portfolio falls short, create better alternatives, and compare them against each other to pick the best.
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Full Transparency

Planview Advisor's visualizations provide real-time reporting on the overall health of your portfolio. You can also drill down into project details or roll up across groups of projects. In addition, Planview Advisor's integrated variance analysis tells you instantly what's changed, when it changed, and the net impact of changes on key project metrics.
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Project Prioritization

Planview Advisor provides flexible, powerful project prioritization software tools that allow you to rank projects using the metrics that drive your business. Whether the ranked list feeds operations or is used as part of the portfolio prioritization process, Planview Advisor does project ranking better than any other PPM software.
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Seamless Data Integration

Have data in other systems? Planview Advisor offers a range of data connectors to seamlessly integrate that data, streamlining your resource management process. Connect to existing databases or upload from Excel spreadsheets.

Rapid Deployment

Leverage our valuation and portfolio templates, or let us convert your existing templates to our scalable, web-based platform. You’ll gain scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and a detailed audit trail that spells out exactly how each initiative's value, cost, and risk have evolved over time.

“I don’t know how we ran portfolio reviews before Enrich.”

Director, Portfolio Management, Global Pharmaceutical Organization

“Planview Advisor continues to evolve & wows me every week with its functionality. I’ve even stopped extracting reports to Excel because the interfaces within our Planview Advisor system are now so comprehensive/flexible!”

Portfolio Manager, Multinational Life Sciences Company

“If we had had these tools during my time as VP of R&D, we would have had much smoother sailing.”

Director, Large Biotech Company