Interactive Resource Planning

Planview Advisor's resource planning capabilities provide uniquely interactive tools to help you align available resources with demand. Our focus on R&D portfolio resource planning enables Planview Advisor to provide exactly what you need and to get you up and running quickly.
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Gap Analysis

Planview Advisor gives you powerful, visual tools to match supply and demand on your terms: choose the resource level, time horizon, and other parameters that fit your situation, allowing you to quickly identify underutilized and/or overutilized resources.
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Real-Time Scenario Analysis

Alleviate resource bottlenecks with Planview Advisor's interactive, visual scenario analysis tools. Click and drag to shift projects and instantly see the impact of a schedule change, or use powerful optimizations to craft strategies that make the most of every resource.
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Seamless Integration Across the Enterprise

Planview Advisor offers a complete end-to-end solution, including an enterprise-class data repository and an intuitive, graphical interface for capturing forecast assumptions. Have data in other systems? Planview Advisor offers a range of data connectors that seamlessly integrate that data, streamlining your resource management process.
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Flexible Demand Forecasting

Tired of drowning in detail or unable to drill down deep enough with your current tools? Planview Advisor's flexible forecasting analytics are configured to your situation, ensuring demand data is captured at the right level for decision-making. We work closely with you to ensure all your square pegs have square holes to fit in.
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