Flexible Sales Planning Software

Finally, sales planning software that offers the enterprise capabilities you need without sacrificing the flexibility of spreadsheets. Truly powerful sales forecasting capabilities that scale for your business. Choose the factors that matter, from competition to cannibalization and everything in between, to create and manage your forecasts in a whole new way.
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Integrated Forecasts

Global market projections that link to country-level product forecasts. Changes that automatically cascade. Can your sales forecasting software do that? See what Planview Advisor can do for you and leave copy-paste behind.
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Real-Time Scenario Planning

Capture potential shifts in the market and understand what it means for your products. Compare sales plans and product plans and pick the best one for your business.
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Aggregated Views

Planview Advisor's flexible reporting capabilities allow you to look across products, geographies, or divisions—and whatever other categories are relevant to your business—to get a holistic view of your product portfolio.
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