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3 06, 2012

Are large companies doomed to failure?

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graveyardIt is hard to open the paper these days without seeing a story presaging the demise of a another industry titan. If you believe the articles, Microsoft, GM, Xerox, Dell and many other bellwethers will face, at best, a slow, uninteresting decline due to their failure to innovate in ways that disrupt the markets in which they compete. Even Google and Facebook have been mentioned as established companies that cannot innovate as quickly or profoundly as they could when they were smaller, had everything to gain, and far less to lose. In The Power of Pull (Basic Books, 2010) John Hagel of Deloitte has calculated that the average life expectancy of companies in the S&P 500 has declined from 75 years in 1937 to a mere 15 years today. So is a descent inevitable for the larger firms?

28 05, 2012

One-pagers and playbooks

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Sample playbook (click to enlarge)

Sample playbook (click to enlarge)

Over the years, we have seen again and again that how you present information is just as important as the information itself. Cram too much information on a screen or a page, combine nonessential and essential facts in one display, or fail to annotate a graph with important contextual information, and you have all the ingredients for an unproductive conversation.

Many of our clients need to quickly review summary information for a large number of opportunities. In these situations, distilling the most important information down to a single page can make all the difference. The one-pager should not only jog the stakeholders’ memories about each project, but also update them on the most important news and changes. After reading a one-pager, a decision making team should be able to place each opportunity in one of the following buckets:

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