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1 07, 2020

Portfolio Management in a Pandemic: A Case Study

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought severe disruption to many industries, including drug development and medical device companies. All businesses face uncertainty about the return to normalcy—and what normal will even look like going forward. For some industries, the new normal might look very different. For others, like pharma and medical devices, the new normal may not require as much change. In fact, some signs of a return to normal are already appearing: Clinical trials are starting to resume. Demand for non-COVID 19 drugs and medical devices is rising again as routine medical care returns. The key uncertainty for these companies is in the timing of return to normal and the rate at which it will happen.

In times like these, when uncertainty is the only sure thing, portfolio management is more important than ever. One pharma company’s story shows how portfolio management can help you plan through the unknowns of the pandemic and continue to manage through it, even as those unknowns evolve. It illustrates how portfolio management can be used to accommodate disruptions, whether internal or external, that impact the company’s ability to deliver. (more…)

11 09, 2017

Scenario Analysis is Easy with Enrich Analytics

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In our latest video, we showcase how easy it is to compare projects and portfolios with Enrich Viewport and the Enrich Analytics Platform. The video covers:

  1. When scenario analysis should be used
  2. How to compare projects head-to-head
  3. How to compare portfolios head-to-head
  4. Using a waterfall diagram to summarize differences between two portfolios
  5. Tricks for selecting and deselecting subsets of a portfolio

Even longtime users of Enrich Analytics will benefit from the tips outlined in the video. We look forward to your comments!

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30 09, 2015

Scenario Planning 101

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The goal of portfolio management is to effect changes that minimize risk and maximize value. But change is hard, and corporate change is harder still. People need motivation. The best way to build that motivation is to lay the consequences of the present course bare and make the status quo completely unpalatable. Like Thelma and Louise, you have to ask, “Where are we headed?” In a portfolio review, that means asking, “What will our current investments in R&D, marketing, and sales get us? How likely are we to meet our strategic goals?”

Scenario planning is the best tool in your toolbox for answering these questions. In scenario planning, you play out the value of the present course of action in the context of a number of alternative futures created by hypothetical changes in the environment and in your strategy and tactics. You can do the same thing for a number of different approaches, mapping different courses and their likely destinations. In the process, hopefully, you’ll also convince the your management to choose a plan and act on it.

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