The Right Tool for the Job

You need a focused R&D portfolio management solution, not a complicated program that tries to do it all. Standard business intelligence tools are like Swiss Army knives—ideal for wandering in the wilderness, where anything might happen, but not at all useful in the kitchen, where you need the right knife for the job. Unlike traditional business intelligence apps, Planview Advisor Express is purpose built for real-time portfolio management analysis and reporting—giving portfolio and project managers the perfect tool for exploring, communicating, and analyzing critical portfolio trade-offs.
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Powerful Reporting

Within minutes of logging in, you’ll have access to:

  • Dynamic portfolio reports
  • Real-time roll-up and drill-down
  • Interactive prioritization dashboards
  • Operational event maps
  • Strategic road maps
  • Waterfall and other variance analyses

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The Analysis You Need, When You Need It

PowerPoint decks and Excel charts are static; they can’t be changed to respond to a question or explore an idea. Planview Advisor Express’s responsive, real-time user interface allows you to drill deeply into the details of each initiative on the fly. Use it in meetings or impromptu conversations to communicate every trade-off and project nuance. The analyses you create can also be saved, shared online, distributed as PDFs, or compiled into PowerPoint presentations, preserving a record of those conversations.
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Real Security for Your Data

Planview Advisor Express is an ISO27001-certified cloud-based application that saves your data in secure, encrypted databases accessible only to you and your team. Running Planview Advisor Express in Private Mode enables even more security, transmitting nothing to the cloud and retaining data only on your device—soothing the fears of even the most cloud-wary IT security staff.
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Start Now

Planview Advisor Express can be configured and deployed in as little as a day, including training. Its simple user interface means you’ll be productive from the first login. Why wait? Find out now what your data is trying to tell you.
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The Planview Advisor Express platform enables us to take the visualization of the composition of our portfolio to a new level. Moving away from cumbersome Excel tools into a powerful and dynamic platform encourages valuable discussions, increasing insights and transparency in our decision-making processes. It is a significant enhancement of our decision-making capabilities.

Associate Director, Portfolio Management, Global Pharmaceutical Firm

We were lucky to be able to use the Planview Advisor Express Tool as part of our innovation meeting.  It helped us to assess the company’s innovation efforts in a very short amount of time with all the data available to us. Data collection and identifying the data that needs to be collected are very important; however, understanding the data to be able to make the right decisions is much more important.

Director, Innovation, Major Equipment Manufacturer

Like most companies, we had plenty of data but lacked an efficient way to visualize & convey meaning. Planview Advisor Express allows us to present data as knowledge, which keeps our portfolio meetings running at the speed of conversation. We have found no other tool to be as responsive or intuitive.

Director, Portfolio, Global Consumer Products Company