A Revolution in R&D Innovation Tools Is Underway

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While I spoke at the EBCG Portfolio Management in Life Sciences Conference, people started talking. I don’t mean in whispers, or on their mobiles behind their hands. It started a quietly, as a susurration, and became louder, until I momentarily stopped speaking to ask myself “is anyone paying attention?”

The thing is, they were paying attention. The conversations around the room reflected the excitement of a presentation that connected with the crowd. I was demonstrating some of our latest tools for portfolio management, and explaining our vision, honed over 15 years, of how effective decisions begin with effective conversations, and effective conversations are enabled by well-thought-out tools. If you haven’t seen what we’ve been up to lately at Enrich, take a couple of minutes to look at this overview:

What is so exciting about portfolio management? Attendees were excited about the possibility of participating in effective, decisive portfolio conversations. In discussions after my presentation, I asked people what resonated with them. Here’s what I heard: