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9 03, 2016

From Data Scapegoat to Data Shepherd

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cartoon goatIn most R&D organizations, the portfolio management team walks a narrow line between the project teams and the executives. The portfolio staff polls the project teams for information about each new and ongoing initiative, builds portfolio views, and shares the updated state of the portfolio with executives. In an ideal world, the portfolio team members are like data shepherds, ensuring that critical R&D information stays up-to-date and ever-available for executive needs.
But when all is not well in the portfolio pasture, portfolio teams hear comments like this from the project teams and the executives:

  • The review is tomorrow at 11? Oh, I’ll send you a project update tomorrow morning. Okay?
  • Project A must have a bigger market than that. Your numbers are incorrect.
  • We updated our project forecast yesterday–you aren’t using the latest information.
  • We are using a different cost of capital so your numbers don’t tie out with our spreadsheet.
  • I can’t use these data when over half the projects haven’t been updated since the last review.
  • Who changed these schedule estimates? Nobody asked the operations committee if a six-month slip in deliverables was acceptable!


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